DrupalCamp Belgium 2018 recap

This past weekend I was in Ghent for Drupal Camp Belgium along with more than 300 people! It turned out to be one of the big Camps, surprising even the organizers.

One of the best things was the city of Ghent because it is really one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. And in fact I hope to come back soon and visit one of the many places related to design that the city has and that I wanted to visit since my first visit into the city.

I was lucky to have a session and talk about the Drupal Admin UI and JS Modernization initiative, specifically about the design & UX side. And even I was initially worried about whether people would be interested on it and if I would have enough things to explain, I ended up leaving few things out to focus on the reasons that are pushing us to make some decisions.

Preston So’s keynote was really interesting for me because he went through some of these reasons. He talked about the future of Drupal, and what challenges we are facing because of the new paradigm of having to offer content to new channels that are totally different between them. And now is the time to create solutions for it to be prepared for the changes coming.



Also related to decoupled, Ruben Teijeiro’s session was really useful to get an overview of some of the existing solutions we have nowadays to improve UX. In fact, it reminded me of the importance of Open Source and the fact that there is a lot of people sharing good solutions.

But definitely the best of these days has been to catch up again with many friends I haven’t seen for a while. The community is really a key factor in the Drupal sector, so I hope I have another excuse to go back to Ghent soon. ;-)

Tot binnenkort, Gent!