ELISAVA, new website

ELISAVA is a design and engineering university from the city of Barcelona. It is one of the reference centers in its area of ​​specialization at an international level and it includes university studies, as well as post-university or specialization in design. Some time ago Ymbra was commissioned to renew their website (also developed by us in 2012) so is ready to solve some of the needs they had from their old system:

  • To adapt the site to the new image of the school
  • Responsive web to facilitate the reading from new consumer channels
  • Review the study page design and other pages to adapt them to the new communicative needs

To solve this need while taking advantage of the fact that ELISAVA already knows Drupal from their previous website and from the career service developed by Ymbra in 2014 for ELISAVA Alumni, the new website was developed using the same version of the content management system adding the required improvements for the school.

One of the main features of the project is the adaptation of the site to the various devices and resolutions. We have used five breakpoints (normally only three are used) to be able to serve the content adapted to any screen size.

At the same time we have also worked on components to reuse elements and load less code on each page. A style guide was created and used during the development of the project. This allowed us to follow code standards and methodologies such as BEM or SMACSS and build most of the interactions with the same JavaScript libraries. Thanks to the personalized development of certain elements and the intensive use of the Panels module, most of the components used on various pages are the same.

Another point, and one of the most important ones, was to not lose all the work done for years positioning the website in search engines. That is why a module was developed to migrate all the content of the web and its indexed addresses on search engines, and to redirect it later to the new URL format. We also took special care of the SEO management of the site, giving the ability to maintain and improve all the metadata offered by the web, as well as its connection with the different social networks the school uses.

Since the launch of the new website, ELISAVA has been able to drive all communications of the school using the new tools available on the web. The communication department uses the platform intensively as to comunicate with the entire student base, alumni and future students. Elisava is very pleased with the new platform because it offers offers a lot of possibilities to the publishers. In fact, since it was published the new website has added new features to adapt to the new needs of the department