New site for TINET, the Tarragona Council's telematic service

TINET is the Tarragona Council's service that provides telematic services to citizens from the regions of Camp i l'Ebre, which has received a deep transformation in order to adapt to their new reality and the technologies in which they are specialists.

Multi-device site for TINET the Tarragona Council's telematic service

What started as a website to provide email services to inhabitants from Tarragona and surroundings, has been suffering a series of updates as reaction to everyday needs, which provoked certain degree of disorder and overlapping with other websites made by the council. Aware of that, Tarragona Council iniciated a services' restructure process which resulted in the need of a creation of a new website for TINET which shall introduce changes regarding their new corporative image, their new services orientation -now focused exclusively with ICT- and a profound restructure of their contents.

Our work consisted in helping them in this evolution by developing a new website with Drupal 7 which let them show their new situation, including a responsive website for desktop, tablet and movile, new design, content restructure and navigation and, of course, technological update and historic content migration.