Our experience at CAS 2018

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Agile Spain Conference (CAS) 2018 in Alicante. It’s an event that has gathered more than 700 professionals to share knowledge and experiences about agile methodologies.


First of all I want to thank the event organization team for their magnificent work. It was the first time I attended an event on this topic; until now I only attended technical events. I really enjoyed the experience and it has fulfilled all my expectations.

The venue was the IFA Institución Ferial Alicante. The space was ideal to host the 83 sessions including talks and workshops and the networking between the participants.

The agenda had plenty of sessions on different topics related to the Agile world: culture, team, product, technical excellence…

I attended mainly sessions about technical excellence. Luis Rovirosa’s session named “Developing at cruising speed” was really interesting because of the analysis made from the beginning of the degradation in the software, which causes the reduction of our development speed, and how to improve it and keep it applying certain changes both in the level of business and development using tests, refactoring, automation, etc ...

I thought in this event I wouldn’t see a single line of code and surprisingly I did. In Michael Feathers “Unconditional Code” session, he explained how to transform our code to obtain a simpler architecture that reduces error handling and conditional logic. And also in Javier Ferrer's Microservices talk where he analyzed in a very detailed way the iteration from a monolithic system to microservices based on Event-Driven Architecture.



I took the chance to attend some non technical talks, which also aroused my interest, such as Jose Manuel Beas “The Power of Metaphors”, where I learned how we could improve our communication through the use of metaphors to understand each other better.

They were two very intense days with a lot of diversity of new concepts for me. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the conference and I would like to repeat the experience in the next edition.