Our experience at Drupal Day 2019 in Zaragoza

Last Saturday, 23th of November Drupal Day 2019 was held in the city of Zaragoza. The event took place at the EINA (School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Zaragoza) and reached more than one hundred attendees.



The day was very productive because, in addition to being able to participate as an assistant in some talks, I was lucky to collaborate in the facilitation of a workshop with David Hernández about some programming exercises that can help us to improve our skills as a programmer.

In the morning I attended some very interesting sessions such as “E2E testing con Cypress” by David Hernández where he introduced and demonstrated how to do integration tests using Cypress. It was a very attractive solution that can greatly facilitate our work when implementing this kind of tests.

Juampy's talk turned out to be a whole box of surprises. In addition to show a simple and very useful comparison between most popular or extended solutions used today for continuous integration, he mainly focused and deepened on issues such as continuous delivery and continuous deployment. Topics that were very fresh and interesting to improve our agility in our own development projects.

The food stop, with pizzas everywhere, served to gain strength to face the rest of the day.

In the afternoon, the development of the coding dojo workshop was very helpful. We started with a small introduction to the concepts of coding dojo, kata and TDD (Test Driven Development) and we got to work. In the first part of the workshop, FizzBuzz kata was developed in pairs. Virtually all couples completed the kata successfully and began to internalize the technique and mechanics of TDD. In the second part, we practiced the Mars Rovers kata but this time doing Mob programming and we had a fun time during the exercise.



Honestly I didn’t expect the number of people who have managed to congregate this event. Once again I was surprised by the commitment of the people who make up this community. Thanks to the organization and all the people involved who have made this event possible.

It is always a pleasure to share a day like this in which you take new knowledge, meet again with old friends and also make new friends.

See you next year at DrupalCamp Spain!