Planning DrupalCon Seattle

Next week I’ll be at Seattle for DrupalCon North America and I’m trying to plan some goals for such a key event for the community. My main focus will be on the Admin UI & JS Administration Initiative and we’ll try to unblock a few things.

On one side, we need to focus on one of the first big things that hopefully will land into core in the next months: the new administration theme Claro, currently being developed as a contrib. We need to plan a roadmap to get it into core as soon as possible and well tested, so ideally setting some deadlines and key features will help there. We also need to plan the sprints to be able to get as many volunteers helping as possible to get this moving forward.

Another exciting thing planned by Suzanne is to conduct a comparative study tests with several users during the conference to gather feedback on a key feature in the future UI: inline editing (aka Wordpress’ Gutemberg like experience) versus a more side to side workflow where we can actually integrate the real-time editing experience with other frontends (similar to the Craft CMS experience). Do you want to get involved? Fill in this form calling for volunteers.

I also hope this event helps moving forward the idea of adding a new Editor role in core. We already have some conclusions in place after getting feedback from more than 150 people(!) thanks to the great work Antonella has placed on this. Let’s see if we can get some sign-off here to create an actionable issue to make this a reality.

Also, some key questions to improve Drupal's editing experience will be around adding Autosave functionality and, related to that, an inline entity form experience. How could this be integrated into core?

If you want to know more about what’s happening around the Drupal Admin UI & JS Modernization Initiative there will be these sessions:

    •    The Admin UX Study - What do Content Editors Want? by @pixelite
    •    Drupal Admin UI initiative overview
    •    Design a decoupled application - An architecture guide based upon the Drupal admin UI
We’re also planning to schedule a BoF to discuss all of this, so if you’re interested to help on anything related, please come and say hi: we need volunteers!

I’ll be also at the Decoupled Summit talking about implementing Design Systems and how to abstract and make them scalable, future-proof and also pragmatic. I hope to see you there too.

I’m really looking forward to meet old and new friends there and discover this big city. See you all soon!