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Pedro Iturriaga

Drupal twig, different ways to translate.

After searching, once again, how to solve a translation in the Drupal 8 template system, it occurred to me that it would be good to always have a notes on hand with the different ways in which we can do a twig translation. Let us begin.

The best known and simple, we apply the filter | t to the text string:

    {{ 'Hello World!'|t }}

We can also use the | trans filter, but this is more useful when we use it as a block:

    {% trans %}Hello World!{% endtrans %}

It is clear that this form uses...

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Cristina Chumillas

Contributing to a modern administration UI for Drupal

At Ymbra we’ve always been a champion of giving back as much as possible to the community and that’s why we’ve always been involved in it: participating in the Catalan and Spanish Drupal associations, organizing and sponsoring events, contributing code and giving sessions... But it’s time go one step further: Ymbra is giving me the opportunity to invest most of my time during the coming months into the initiative to redesign the new Drupal administration.

The origin

There’s been a conversation about improving the...

Carles Tarrés

Our experience at DrupalCamp Spain 2018

During the last weekend, we had the pleasure to attend Drupal Camp Spain 2018 one more year, the most important event of Drupal in Spain.

This year was celebrated on Alicante, at the cultural center ‘Las Cigarreras’.

Ymbra, as bronze sponsors and Nacho Salvador as volunteer organizer, we contributed our grain of sand to the Drupal Camp Spain 2018.

The Camp, lasted from Thursday to Sunday and started that Thursday with a free basic training session of Drupal, conducted by Forcontu. That Friday was the ‘Business Day’, where Ramon as CEO of Ymbra attended. The ‘Business day...

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Ramon Vilar

ELISAVA, new website

ELISAVA is a design and engineering university from the city of Barcelona. It is one of the reference centers in its area of ​​specialization at an international level and it includes university studies, as well as post-university or specialization in design. Some time ago Ymbra was commissioned to renew their website (also developed by us in 2012) so is ready to solve some of the needs they had from their old system:

  • To adapt the site to the new image of the school
  • Responsive web to facilitate the reading from new consumer
  • ...
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Pako Garcia

How we lived DrupalCamp Spain 2016

This past weekend we had the big pleasure of attending and enjoy, like we do every year, of DrupalCamp Spain 2016, the most important national Drupal event in Spain. This Drupalcamp happened in the city of Granada, at the Science park.

This year the event was longer than usual, having days with sprints since Tuesday. That made contributor attendance grow with the help of international mentors that traveled some days before.

On Friday the...

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Ramon Vilar

Website for Viladecans council 2011-2015 term

This year, in addition to the regular magazine to show to the citizens all the projects performed during the last term, Viladecans council wanted to enrich the experience with the “Tu ets Viladecans” campaign. It includes a website showing all the projects performed sorted by scope and a profile where the project is focused to find the correct information easier.


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Rodrigo Aguilera

How to skip node access issues during a cron process

Few days ago in Ymbra we had a challenge about how to load Drupal 7 entities during a cron job. The main issue here is that cron doesn't run with enough credentials and we need higher permissions to perform some operations.

Those entities had user access restrictions in place and when cron runs as anonymous user (even if you trigger it logged in as the user with id=1) those restrictions were respected and we weren't able to load our entity content to be later sent in an email.

So what can we do to run cron as Drupal admin?

In a...


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