Website improvements project for EURORDIS

EURORDIS is a non-governmental association dedicated to improving the quality of life of all people living with rare diseases in Europe.

Logotip d'EURORDIS

EURORDIS contacted us because he wanted to, among other things, carry out a set of enhancements to its current site in order to improve the content management and publishing for non-technical staff and solve some existing problem. This project has been done with Atenea tech.

After an initial consultancy process and having carried out these improvements, it has achieved greater autonomy in creating, for example, sections and content related blocks by non-technical users. Likewise, we have redone all the multilingual management and menu management to harness the power that Drupal offers us in these two areas. In the same way, and how new features have been added new features like import content from external sources in order to display this information on the web or allow integrated search in different sources.

The result of this has been a web, graphic level that has not undergone many changes, but internally, then redo some parts already described, ensures the use of the full potential of the tool itself and also facilitates the possible future upgrade version.

As a final note, we want to acknowledge gratitude to the association that was at all times attentive to our functional and technical recommendations. Moreover, the experience of working with a foreign client has been very positive and open the door to a possible future collaboration with other companies and industries from abroad.