Website for Viladecans council 2011-2015 term

This year, in addition to the regular magazine to show to the citizens all the projects performed during the last term, Viladecans council wanted to enrich the experience with the “Tu ets Viladecans” campaign. It includes a website showing all the projects performed sorted by scope and a profile where the project is focused to find the correct information easier.

Responsive demo

From the frontpage we have access to the project list page through different options that activates some filters to refine the project search process. From this list page we can filter by scope or profile that the project is acting on.

Project list page

Besides the list, another important part from the project has been the development of a project page where the city council can show all the textual information, highlighted figures, related images or videos and all the related content that a project can have. The visitor can also obtain the contact information of the department involved in the project through a custom widget at the bottom of the page. Furthermore, from this projects pages, we can share this page to our social networks and send our opinion about the project to the council.

Project page

From a technical point of view, we highlight the adaptative web development, not only in terms of styles, but adapting each interactive widget from every page to get the most out of the device used to visit the page at any time. In addition, one of the requirements of the council was that all the media was deliverd from cloud services, so we had to integrate the site in order to easily add YouTube videos and Flickr images.