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    Cristina Chumillas

    Fronted United recap

    This past weekend I’ve attended the Frontend United in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Although historically it was the conference for those dedicated to the frontend within the Drupal community, it evolved to serve a wider audience and now has top level frontend speakers from the frontend community at large.

    This year the event started a few days before with the sprints. This has been great because we happened to meet with several people who will work on the redesign of the new Drupal administration interface, both on a design level and at an...

  • Carles Tarrés

    Our experience at DrupalCamp Spain 2018

    During the last weekend, we had the pleasure to attend Drupal Camp Spain 2018 one more year, the most important event of Drupal in Spain.

    This year was celebrated on Alicante, at the cultural center ‘Las Cigarreras’.

    Ymbra, as bronze sponsors and Nacho Salvador as volunteer organizer, we contributed our grain of sand to the Drupal Camp Spain 2018.

    The Camp, lasted from Thursday to Sunday and started that Thursday with a free basic training session of Drupal, conducted by Forcontu. That Friday was the ‘Business Day’, where Ramon as CEO of Ymbra attended. The ‘Business day...

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    Rodrigo Aguilera

    Flying high with Moldcamp 2017

    During Drupalcon Vienna the people from Drupal Moldova association invited me to be a featured speaker at Moldcamp 2017. I felt honored so reserved that weekend to go to the beautiful city of Chișinău.


    Despite missing the whole Friday night and Saturday flying due to technical problems with my scheduled flight I got the chance to enjoy the Sunday with the blooming Moldovan Drupal community...

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    Pedro Iturriaga

    Twig: HTML links and variables.

    One of the main new features of Drupal 8 is the Twig template engine because its workflow is very different from what we use to do in Drupal 7.

    As a first impression when we consult the Twig documentation it looks like everything you need to start working is there -or almost anything-. But it will be during the day to day where you will find to problems that need solving.

    In this post the issue is about adding a link in Twig using the link($text, $...

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    Rodrigo Aguilera

    Dancing the Drupalcon Vienna Waltz

    This year we had the pleasure to attend the beautiful city of Vienna to join the Drupal community for a week of sharing and developing our knowledge, experiences and joy.

    This occasion was special because it will be the only Drupalcon in Europe in the next two years. But the European community has shown is strong and it will continue forward and organize amazing events all around Europe while preparing to achieve a sustainable Drupalcon.

    What we extracted from the Dries keynote about the Drupal project is that Drupal 8 is here for the long run and it has...

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    Ramon Vilar

    We are searching for a Drupal backend developer

    At Ymbra we are looking for a developer to be part of our team with a permanent contract. We offer the chance to be part of team with high standards that uses agile methodologies and to work in an relaxed and flexible environment.

    We want to integrate a new technical profile working together with the rest of developers searching for solutions and bringing them to term.

    About us

    We are specialized on the creation of web products developed using Drupal. We are a company involved with the Drupal community and aligned with the free software...

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    Nacho Salvador

    How to verify that your code conforms to the coding standards

    Coding standards or programming style describes a set of rules by convention to guide us how to write code. Basically, this set of rules describes how to format code regarding indentation, variable names, conditional sentences, etc.

    This way the code of a project is more homogenized so it allows the people participating in a project easily understandable.

    Drupal also has his own coding standard to develop and contribute modules. When we’re coding trying to follow this...

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    Ramon Vilar

    We are looking for Web and UI Designer

    We are looking for a designer to join our team with a permanent contract. You will participate in the creation of new sites and web applications with responsibilities like the planning, creation of wireframes, navigation flows, interactive prototypes, designs or the creation of pattern libraries and style guides along with the developers. We are looking for a creative person and up-to-date with the latest trends, self-sufficient, detailed and able to work integrated with a team.

    About us

    At Ymbra we are specialized in the creation of web products developed with Drupal, an...


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